The Norfolk Lemming

Lemmings are small rodents that usually live above the Arctic Circle spending most of the year living under snow and trying to avoid being eaten by just about everything else.  They are known for being rather stupid, for instance jumping off cliffs!  Apparently they also smell.  So they don’t live in Norfolk U.K. Wrong.  For 20 years one has been lurking around before migrating north to Manchester.

Spotted in the gardens of Blickling Hall, the rare Norfolk Lemming
DSC_0079a Ixworth
An early version at Ixworth
Lemming at Wells

When not at uni in Manchester the lemming will accompany me on my butterfly and birdwatching trips, demanding to be photographed and fed.

To Tori miss you kid.

9 thoughts on “The Norfolk Lemming

    1. Thanks Michael. Yes that’s my daughter, now studying for a degree in music journalism. Just a witty tribute to her (lemming’s her nickname) Good for practicing portraits. Check out her blog ‘crazy stupid music’ on the blog roll on the right, not too bad.

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