Garden Visitors

pl DSC_0266a
Painted lady on my garden buddleia

5th & 6th of August.  Saturday spent a pleasant hour or so watching the comings and goings around the garden buddleia.  I counted 30 butterflies of 11 species, the most numerous were fresh peacocks.  The scent was attracting many other insects and in turn came the predators, hornets and dragonflies patrolling looking for a tasty meal.  Last week the first of the southern hawkers, now it was the smaller migrant hawkers.

mh DSC_0280a
Female migrant hawker, yes I got stung getting this shot

Sunday and we went to Felbrigg Hall NT.  They have a lovely walled garden which at this time of the year is a riot of colour.

Walled garden at Felbrigg Hall

Not only is this garden full of flowers but also fruit and veg and a superb herb bed.  All of this was a haven for countless bees.

Buff tailed bumblebees

I was surprised to see an emperor dragonfly by the ornamental water feature.  She proceeded to land on the lily pads and lay her eggs.  Many damselflies were doing likewise.

Emperor at Felbrigg, starting a new generation

I wish more of the plants had name tags as I’m not very good at identifying them.  There was one flower that was very attractive to butterflies, several painted ladies and masses of large whites, all males, flitted from bloom to bloom.

Large white at Felbrigg on it’s favoured bloom

If you are visiting Norfolk at this time of the year, and the weather is good, I strongly recommend a visit.





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