Buxton Heath

bss DSC_0219a
Male silver studded blue

7th July 2017.  Warm and sunny so I decided to spend the afternoon at Buxton Heath.  This site is well known for it’s colony of silver studded blues.  They had emerged early this year but there were still several to be seen.  The males had lost a lot of their lovely blue colouration and looked more gold.  The females were in good nick and I saw egg laying.

e DSC_0243a Emperor
Emperor dragonfly egg laying

Also egg laying was an emperor dragonfly which had chosen a small pool to the north of the heath.  If the summer continues hot and dry I fear this will dry up.  For now it was a big attraction for many dragons, mostly four spot chasers.

ks DSC_0277b
Female keeled skimmer at Buxton

The heath is also home to keeled skimmers.  These dragonflies are quite rare in Norfolk being found at only a handful of sites.  I was lucky to find this female in a dry area of heather and bracken.

gvw DSC_0279a
Green veined white, a common butterfly but a nice sight on these brambles

Good numbers of other butterflies were seen including gatekeeper, large skipper, ringlet and meadow brown.  I liked the green veined white by the car park, it made a nice image.


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