Warham Treat

June 2nd 2017.  Made an early visit to Warham Camp near Wells-next the-Sea in North Norfolk.  I love this iron age hillfort.  It is a tranquil place, and as you approach the big ring ditches carved out of the chalk next to the river Stiffkey, you can only but wonder about the people who created this over 2000 years ago.

Clouded yellow an uncommon migrant
Male common blue

Today it is a lovely place for wildlife.  The huge banks are carpeted in beautiful wild flowers. These in turn attract many insects and of course my favorites, butterflies.

Later in the summer it is chalkhill blues but today I went in search of common blue and brown argus.  On my first circuit of the inner ditch all I could find was two painted ladies.  These are gorgeous migrants all the way from north Africa, they posed nicely for the camera.

Painted lady after long journey north

The sun soon got stronger and this brought out my target species.  On my next lap I found several male common blues shining like jewels.  Then brown argus, much smaller and difficult to follow.  Managed to get some nice shots and decided to move on.  I started to walk across the meadow when a dark yellow butterfly appeared. Blast me bor ( or words to that effect) a clouded yellow!  I have not seen one for years let alone get a picture.  These are uncommon migrants from the continent.  It settled to nectar, I fired of as many shots as I could before it was up and away not to be seen again.  Luckily two images are quite acceptable (the originals are a lot sharper than those that appear on this blog) I also have one showing the upper wing (they always settle with wings closed) as it took off but it’s not very sharp even at 1000th sec shutter speed!  Hopefully the summer will bring more chances.

Brown argus at Warham Camp

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