Red Kites & Holly Blues


April 9th 2017, warmest day of the year so far.  We went out to Foxley Wood with the intention of photographing orange tip butterflies but failed miserably.  Saw plenty but they would not settle.  Did see my first speckled woods of the year.

Speckled wood at Foxley, a lovely sight.

After a nice walk decided to move onto Foulden Common.  Bright blue skies and temperatures in the 70’s.  We were greeted by a superb low fly over by a pair of red kites, not once but twice.  We saw them briefly when we were here in February but I couldn’t get any decent images.

Red kite, beautiful.

It is nice to see kites colonising Norfolk, it is not that many years ago they were on the edge of extinction in this Country.  The successful re-introduction scheme is paying dividends.  It was a really good afternoon for raptors with sightings of buzzards, marsh harrier, sparrowhawk and kestrel.

DSC_0116aEarlier in the week I spotted this years first holly blues in the garden.  Managed to get some nice images of one taking a brief rest.  We also took a trip to Dunwich in Suffolk with Tori before she goes back to Uni  in Manchester. No sightings of dartford warblers but it was overcast.

Pied wagtail at Sizewell, does it glow in the dark?

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