Holiday Hare & Redshank

Brown Hare at Foulden Common

Feb 17th 2017.

A weeks holiday, refitted bathroom complete, time to grab the camera and make the most of some nice weather.  I decided to have a look at a couple of sites in preparation for spring when I hope to photograph grizzled skippers.  Foulden Common in south west Norfolk I had been taken to a couple of years back and had great success with the skippers, parking up and I started to remember the best areas where I saw grizzlies, dingies and green hairstreaks.  Overhead two red kites drifted very low, bullfinches called from the dense scrub and hares dashed around, the one in the image didn’t seem to realise Tina & I were there and came within a few yards, plenty of photos before it ran off but unfortunately all the shots had a wisp of grass across the face.

Stoke Ferry cut off channel

A few miles away is the cut off channel at Stoke Ferry.  Finished in the 1960’s it was the last piece of the Fenland drainage scheme and in the summer transfers water to Essex reservoirs.  This is meant to be a good site for grizzled skippers, I think this area in the image would be spot on, let’s see come May.

For day two it was a drive around the coast stopping at Salthouse and Morston.


Lots to photograph at both places, the redshank at Morston was my favorite.   I am not a great bird photographer, I don’t own a lens the size of a small car with price to match, so for really sharp images I have to get close which most birds won’t tolerate but this redshank was o.k it was more interested in trying to eat a small crab.

Drake shoveller Salthouse Marshes
Female teal Morston




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